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Before we make any recommendations within any project, it is important that we clearly understand your business goals for the project, the end users needs and preferences and their relationship with the current technology. Our approach to the requirements gathering is broken down into a number of specific engagement steps which are all under-pinned by our understanding of a user-centred design approach, focusing our design effort on the end users needs both from an external and internal perspective.

Our project approachWe believe that it’s critical that we work collaboratively with your team to ensure that you will be able to maintain and grow the technology once launched. Therefore, apart from the practicality of the time frame for the project, our approach provides the knowledge transfer and skills development needed to maintain this important channel of communication and service delivery.

Our approach clearly balances the needs of users with those of the business. Therefore, we use our analysis tools to delve into both sides of the equation and use our user-centred design approach to deliver a technology sympathetic to the end user. Program of works – a roadmap to success

Our approach provides an overall strategic program of works that target specific tactical tasks in a phased manner to control costs, timeframe and to ensure user requirements are met (or exceeded) whilst minimising the impact to other areas of the organisation. Our overall approach helps with the necessary change management practices required to increase the utilisation of technologies and free resources for higher value activities across the organisation. Our approach is broken down into specific phases allowing for each aspect of the project to define the project stages.

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