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Content management systems allow an organisation to decentralise the task of content maintenance to subject matter experts. By eliminating administration bottlenecks and providing tools for non-technical knowledge workers, it is possible to enhance accuracy, language support choices, delivery options and reuse of valuable content. Organisations that invest in content management see significant returns on their investment from personnel savings, faster go to market timeframes and fewer publication mistakes. Too often organisations attempt to solve these problems by asking knowledge workers to create the HTML content. However, this requires HTML coding skills at a minimum and the technical capabilities needed increase based on the complexity of the technology used in the site being edited. Additionally, if multiple editors are involved, maintaining design and navigation consistency becomes a challenge without the most disciplined of HTML programmers involved.

A powerful content management system solves these issues and we provide a number of CMS systems that will allow you to:

  • Decentralise maintenance of online content to subject matter experts
  • Allow content editing without needing to know anything about HTML
  • Control quality by routing new content or changes through levels of approval prior to publication
  • Update web pages faster by removing the need for technical personnel
  • Redeploy your technicial resources to more complex tasks
  • Create accountability, as most content managers can track logins and changes to various pages within the site
  • Separate content, navigation and layout to uphold a consistent look and feel, providing design consistency and brand reinforcement
  • Only allow authors to access content that they are authorised to edit
  • Reuse and repurpose content throughout the enterprise to leverage and extend value
  • Integrate online sites with other technology resources (i.e. delivery schedules or event registration)
  • Syndicate content, promoting shared content with partner sites
  • Consolidate external content into a single, unified presence
  • Personalise the delivery of content, without clutter and providing security
  • Integrate search capabilities to ease content discovery

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